Tour Our Facilities

Don't have time to take a tour? Browse through our photos below to take a day care virtual tour and get an idea of what the Little Bear classrooms and materials look like. Want to learn more about play based learning environments? Visit NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) here.


Riverside Location

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Hampshire Location


The next stop on our day care virtual tour is our playgrounds. When you drive by, you will notice that they do not contain large plastic play structures. There is a reason for this! We use a natural playground design to benefit the development of every child. Current research shows that children are more active in natural spaces and creativity is boosted.

Our Hampshire location was awarded with a grant from ECHO to add more natural structures to our playgrounds, our plan is to slowly implement these ideas at our Riverside location as well. With the help of The National Wildlife Federation and Sarah Konrodi we are working towards our goals. Listen to her TEDTALK below to learn more!

Our Goal at Little Bear's Childcare is to leave each child with a lasting appreciation for the outdoors, nature and all her wonders! Thank you for taking our day care virtual tour, we hope to hear from you soon.