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Our Programs – Infants

Infant Day Care Program

Our infant day care program cares for children ages 6 weeks to 12 months. Each infant receives individual attention from our qualified staff and is provided with experiences which encourage their development throughout the day. Daily communication is provided to each family regarding their child’s activities and care through an electronic app. Teachers will send parents regular updates and photos detailing their child’s day.

Colorado Early Learning Curriculum

Our infant day care program uses the Colorado Early Learning and Development Guidelines for curriculum planning. The Guidelines organize descriptions for child development for infants and toddlers within six domains:

  • Social Development
  • Emotional Development
  • Language & Literacy Development
  • Cognitive Development
  • Approaches to Learning
  • Physical Development & Health
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  • early-learning-cirriculum

Safe to Sleep

At Little Bear’s Childcare, safe sleep practices are our highest priority. Our staff receives training modules year round on the most up to date research and recommendations surrounding safe sleep guidelines. We offer our own, American Academy of Pediatrics approved sleep sacks to help your infant sleep comfortably while in our care. Our rooms are equipped with rocking chairs and gentle sound machines, each baby is soothed and rocked to sleep by one of our loving caretakers. Infants are never put on a sleep schedule. Our teachers are trained on responsive care giving and know how to read an infants cues and meet his or her needs as they arise.

For more information about Safe Sleep please enjoy this video from Healthy Children:

Breastfeeding Friendly Classrooms

We encourage parents to enter our classroom’s to visit during lunch breaks or take a moment to sit after a long day of being away from your baby. That includes mothers who are breastfeeding infants and toddlers. Mothers are welcomed to use any of our provided rocking chairs to comfortably feed her baby. Additionally, our staff is trained on safe handling and storage of breast milk, paced feeding and infant hunger cues.

Baby Sign Language

We incorporate the use of baby sign language in our infant day care classroom. This practice begins in infancy and carries on through the toddler years and beyond. Research has shown sign language can provide infants the ability to communicate earlier than their speech development. Sign language is a fun and engaging way for teachers and parents to interact with their infants. We frequently provide handouts to families about baby sign language.